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When it comes to finding the best program fit, you have plenty of choices with UMBC’s Professional Programs.

Before we dive into these choices, consider something for a moment. Did you know that having a Master’s degree can earn you a higher salary than without? In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that those holding a master’s degree on average have a higher salary than those with a bachelor’s. On top of that, a master’s degree salary over the course of a lifetime may produce $400,000 more than the lifetime salary of someone with only a bachelor’s. UMBC offers a range of professional programs in various fields, from Health Information Technology to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership. So which is the best program fit for you? Let’s find out.

Find Your Best Program Fit


UMBC’s biotechnology graduate program is meant to prepare professionals to address changes in the biotechnology industry through real experiences and practice. This degree specifically is meant to help professionals fill management and leadership roles in biotechnology companies. With advanced instruction in various areas from life sciences to financial management, a master’s in biotechnology allows you to follow your own path.


Cybersecurity is one of the most influential fields to go into today, with pull in economic, political, and militaristic areas. This explains why cybersecurity positions are not only in demand, but are high paying and essential for agencies and large companies. UMBC’s cybersecurity program prepares its students to be well-rounded professionals who are able to work in many positions. Such positions include: roles in management, analytical, investigative, and/or technical leadership. Luckily, UMBC is close to two out of the four areas with an influx of cyber positions including Washington, D.C., Columbia, MD, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Data Science

Could data science be your best program fit? When it comes to hiring data scientists, employers want someone who has already worked in the field and knows what to expect. A master’s degree provides this. A master’s in data science is incredibly beneficial, professionally and financially. With an average salary of $120,000 per year and almost every industry sector looking for new hires, a master’s degree in data science is not only valuable but is also a safe option for stability. UMBC’s data science program teaches its students the basic principles of data science including the 4Vs: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, as well as the implicit 5th V — Value.

Engineering Management

Former engineering management graduate, Aayush Sharma, said that this program was a great experience as an international student and a best program fit. It offered him real-world experiences that brought learning to a higher level, such as trips working with firms in the Baltimore and D.C. areas. UMBC’s Engineering Management graduate program teaches its students to maximize their technical and business skills. While the program is meant for engineers employed in technology-oriented enterprises or government programs, it can (and should) be taken advantage by professionals in all fields. This program uses a practical business approach taught by industry experts who fully understand the demands of today’s market.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

UMBC’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership graduate program is different than any other in this region. It focuses on the roles that innovation and leadership play in executing an entrepreneurial vision. This unique program includes a 2-part capstone where students quantify and demonstrate market/technical feasibility, develop a business plan, demonstrate financial feasibility, and create a final report about the opportunity. Program director, Gib Mason, talked about the opportunities this program provides, saying “I’ve had the opportunity to surround myself with dozens of some of the coolest most influential dynamic entrepreneurs innovators and leaders that work with us directly.”

Geographic Information Systems

From an internship to a full-time position, a master’s in geographic information systems can take your career to the next level and prove to be a best program fit for you. Today, most employers will require a master’s degree, especially if you want to move into a management position. An investment in a GIS master’s degree is well worth the time, as the mean income for jobs in this field is almost $90,000. This program goes beyond “GIS as a tool for analysis,” teaching the next generation of GIS professionals the fundamental knowledge, tools, and techniques of database management.

Health Information Technology

Health information technology professionals often work to reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of care, and obtain better health outcomes. A master’s degree in HIT provides professionals with flexibility due to career opportunities in various fields, such as Clinical Care Informatics, Research/Clinical Trial Informatics, Management Consulting, Managed Care, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Consumer Electronics. UMBC’s HIT program focuses on preparing professionals in fields like information technology and computer science to pursue a career with the health care profession.

I/O Psychology

UMBC’s I/O Psychology program is unique in the way that it focuses on developing skills that are most relevant to today’s industry. Our program helps students develop a professional portfolio while building strong relationships with faculty practitioners and industry professionals. All students have access to this as part of our mentorship program. Professionals in I/O Psychology are in high demand, making this career investment a safe option. In fact, Industrial Psychologists ranked #2 in U.S. News Best Science Jobs category making it a best program fit for many.

Systems Engineering

Today’s systems engineers have the opportunity to positively contribute to human and societal well-being. Systems engineering professionals help in a wide range of areas like clean water access, energy security and sustainability, access to healthcare, and safety and security. A master’s in systems engineering can provide with the flexibility to pursue your own personal path. Employers are in constant need of system engineers with solid skillsets. UMBC’s systems engineering graduate program is designed to accelerate the development of its students by providing practical, real-world experiences.

Technical Management

UMBC’s Technical Management graduate program focuses on creating students that are prepared for the real world by teaching them the underlying organizational principles, law and ethical processes and procedures, and budgeting terminology. PMI labeled technical management as one of three talents in their ideal skillset while also predicting that there will be over 2.2 million new roles each year that require this expertise. In the US, that projection is over 200,000 new jobs each year until 2027. This degree program benefits professionals with a technical background but is available and beneficial for all.

Instructional Systems Development (ISD)

When it comes to a career in ISD, the ever-expanding global marketplace continues to fuel demand for qualified professionals. As businesses grow, so do needs. These needs start at the foundation of a company’s mission and extend to all connected with its goods and services. The demand for ISD professionals will continue to grow as long as people need training and education. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the projected growth for training and development managers from 2016-2026 is faster than average (10-14%). In fact, as a direct effect of today’s mobile workforce, rapidly changing technology and growing global market, businesses need to make performance improvement and training a top priority. Job prospects should be favorable due to the constant need for workplace training and education.

Now What?

Now that you know your options, what’s the next step? If you need more information, check out the programs’ websites or stop by the Professional Programs open house this spring!

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