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This summer has been busy for the UMBC community! Many members of our community continue to make important breakthroughs in research in a variety of our STEM programs.

Also, we continue to focus on the fight against climate change. Lastly, be sure to read UMBC News to keep up to date on school news!

UMBC Team Research Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Achuth Padmanabhan, assistant professor of biological sciences at UMBC, is recruiting a research group of graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. Padmanabhan’s group are recieving a $1.5 million grant in order to continue their research into understanding and treating ovarian cancer. Furthermore, Padmanabhan and his lab discovered the zinc finger protein 217, or ZNF217, which “is frequently present in unusually high amounts in ovarian cancer tumors and is associated with tumor growth, metastasis, and resistance to chemotherapy.”

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UMBC and the Fulbright Student Program 

Recently, the Fulbright Student Program chose nine UMBC students recipients for the 2023-2024 school year. They are just nine of the 2,000 students from colleges all across the nation chosen each year that will travel abroad in order to conduct research within their individual industry. In addition, eight UMBC alumni are receiving the English Teaching Assistant award. They are receiving these awards for the work they have completed abroad, teaching English and American culture. 

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UMBC Alumni Studies Wildlife

Next, UMBC alumni Adam Dixon, Ph.D. ’21, leads a study on how grassland birds survive in croplands. The method of this study may be modeled for a variety of wildlife in working lands in the future. Currently, Dixon’s goal is to find a sustainable solution that will help farmers monitor the environment of their farms without turning towards simple solutions which will hurt the biodiversity of the area. 

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Maryland Officials Talk Climate Change

This past May, UMBC and Maryland Matters hosted a forum in which they questioned Governor Wes Moore’s administration on their plans to combat climate change. Paul Pinksy, Director of the Maryland Energy Administration discusses plans to implement the Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources Act, in which Maryland will increasingly look to offshore wind energy as a renewable energy source, in the place of non-renewable energy.

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