Embracing an Encore Career in Teaching [Podcast]

Are you considering a career change into college teaching? Are you looking for ways to make an impact in the lives of college students? Look no further than this episode of the UMBC Mic’d Up Podcast. In it, we explore the world of embracing an encore career in teaching. 

Marcia Dickerson, P.M.C. ’22, College Teaching & Learning Science has always wanted to teach. After retiring from her job in the human services and social services field, Marcia began her teaching journey. She enrolled in UMBC’s College Teaching and Learning Science Graduate Certificate program. After she competed the program this past year, she’s beginning the next leg of her journey in a doctoral program! 

Join us as we delve into the world of an encore career in teaching. Discover how you can make a positive impact on the next generation of students, too! Tune in to the UMBC Mic’d Up Podcast now to listen to our enlightening conversation with an inspiring UMBC graduate!

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Why College Teaching and Learning Science?

The College Teaching and Learning Science graduate certificate program offered by UMBC provides numerous benefits to its students. Firstly, it equips students with a strong foundation in the theories and practices of teaching and learning. Students are enabled to become more effective educators. Additionally, the program fosters a community of learners and teachers. This sense of community allows students to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborate with fellow educators.

Through hands-on experience and opportunities for reflection, students gain practical skills in designing and delivering effective instruction. Furthermore, the certificate program helps students stay current with the latest trends and technologies in teaching and learning. The College Teaching and Learning Science graduate certificate program prepares educators to become lifelong learners and leaders in their fields.

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