Expanding on Skills with Project Management [PODCAST]

One of the greatest benefits of engaging in a learning experience is being able to take what is newly acquired and bring its value to the real world.

We sat down and chatted with recent graduate Ally Hepp ’21, P.B.C. Project Management about what she learned in her time studying at UMBC and how it’s helped her gain a greater grasp on the role of project management as it relates to her position.

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About UMBC’s P.B.C. in Project Management

The Project Management certificate program at UMBC provides experienced professionals with industry-relevant technical and soft skills. Our coursework will help you develop the critical analysis capabilities necessary to successfully complete projects and lead high-performing technical, virtual, and international teams. Upon graduation, you will demonstrate the ability to apply sound project management practices as outlined by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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  1. PMO Global Institute Inc. says:

    I had the chance to read your article on how project management podcasts can be a great resource for professionals looking to expand their skills. As someone who’s always looking to learn new things and improve my abilities, I found your insights to be incredibly valuable. I completely agree that podcasts can be a great way to learn from experts in the field and get a fresh perspective on project management.

    I appreciated your emphasis on the importance of continuous learning and how it can benefit professionals at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn in the field of project management. I also liked your tips on how to choose the right podcast and how to make the most of your listening time. Your suggestions about taking notes, reflecting on what you’ve learned, and applying those lessons to your own work are all excellent.

    Overall, your article is a great reminder of the power of podcasts as a tool for professional development. I appreciate the way you broke down the benefits of podcast learning and provided practical tips for how to make the most of it. I’ll definitely be checking out some of the podcasts you recommended and using your advice to enhance my own project management skills. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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