Exploring Professional Growth in Instructional Design

Pat McMillan, a seasoned professional, pursued growth through UMBC’s LAPT program, leveraging two decades of experience. The immersive graduate program unveiled new dimensions in instructional design and performance improvement. It also highlighted the untapped potential in a career in Instructional Systems Design (ISD).

Discovering UMBC’s LAPT Program

A manager’s recommendation influenced Pat to enroll in the LAPT program, a person who had traversed the program’s enriching landscape. Recognizing the need for tech-integrated adult learning, Pat found UMBC’s LAPT program a perfect fit. Her growth journey began in 2021 amidst the pandemic, finding accessibility in UMBC’s program with online flexibility and a well-paced curriculum.

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A Balancing Act: Work and Study Harmony

Balancing work commitments and academic responsibilities is a critical challenge for professionals considering graduate studies. Pat’s journey offers valuable insights for those considering a similar path. Pacing oneself, starting with a single class to gauge the program’s pace, and gradually increasing the workload proved effective strategies. The program’s well-structured approach, complete with breaks and an organized schedule, further facilitated this delicate balancing act.

Unlocking the World of Adult Learning

The LAPT program at UMBC proved to be an eye-opener for Pat, particularly in adult learning. Exploring diverse learning theories rooted in psychology expanded her understanding of individualized learning in the program. Newfound knowledge became crucial in her instructional design, enhancing the creation of engaging learning experiences tailored to diverse styles.

Diverse Career Paths: Beyond Instructional Design

Graduating in December 2023, Pat’s experience shed light on the versatility of the LAPT degree. While initially drawn to instructional design, she discovered the program’s exploration of human resources development and organizational development. The program’s unique blend of technology and a focus on the learner opened up new career horizons, showcasing the program’s groundbreaking nature.

ROI in Practice: A Game-Changer

Pat’s professional role as a project manager post-graduation provided a tangible platform to apply the skills acquired in the LAPT program. The emphasis on return on investment (ROI) became a game-changer, allowing her to justify the value of learning programs, secure stakeholder buy-in, and present data-backed insights to executive levels.

Transformative Professional Growth Moments

Reflecting on impactful moments, Pat highlights projects like the microlearning exercises that immersed her in the practical application of theoretical knowledge. This hands-on experiences added depth to her understanding and equipped her with tangible skills for real-world scenarios.

A Testimonial of Triumph

Pat’s professional growth journey through UMBC’s LAPT program highlights the transformative power of quality graduate education. Her pride in completing the program and realizing its groundbreaking nature encapsulates the essence of UMBC’s commitment to empowering individuals for success in the dynamic field of Learning and Performance Technology.

Unlock Your Potential with UMBC

For those seeking to explore UMBC, the Learning and Performance Technology program, and the exciting field of ISD, a comprehensive Google search for “UMBC LAPT program” or a direct visit to the program page will reveal a wealth of information. Join the ranks of professionals like Pat, who have harnessed the power of UMBC’s LAPT program to propel their careers forward. The journey awaits – dive in!

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