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Data Science is a booming industry, and UMBC’s Graduate Programs in Data Science are focused on delivering students the most innovative and relevant information to help them achieve success and make advancements in the world of data. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at a Bloomberg article that names Data Science as the highest paying job for the class of 2019. We also take a look at decision-making tactics, data breaches, and things to look forward to in the future.

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Data Science is Highest Paying Job for Class of 2019

If you’re looking for a career that pays, and pays the highest for new college grads in 2019, then Data Science it is. With a median annual salary of $95,000, it rivals the salary of even young Wall Street investment-banking analysts.

The Art of Making Better Decisions

Do you struggle with making decisions? The struggle is often because many of us fear that we’re going to choose the wrong one and end up suffering some kind of pain as a result. This article shares ways to avoid such suffering.

Data breach affects 569 at Equitas Health

Proof that we need a closer eye on data security is revealed yet again in a recent data breach. Equitas Health became the latest victim of compromised data and is offering affected patients a year of identity monitoring services.

Things to Look Forward To in the Future

As we continue to make our way from one day to the next, we may ponder where we are heading. Well, here are 34 remarkable things you can look forward to as you progress from one year to the next. Some cool things include self-driving cars, 3-D printing advancements in healthcare, virtual reality, and more!

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