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UMBC is known for its great leadership. In fact, President Hrabowski was named #1 in leadership by the Baltimore Sun recently. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at ways to be a more influential leader.

Traditionally, the workplace is based on a meticulous hierarchical structure, where the person at the top has all the power and therefore has the influence. As society morphs into a global workplace, this hierarchical structure isn’t valid.

We’re moving into a more collaborative structure, which encourages diverse thought and collaboration. Simply put, the person with the influence has power. The ability to influence is one of the essential skills for leaders at all levels. Here are 5 steps to increase your influence in the workplace!

Step 1: Be Assertive, Not Aggressive

Being assertive means finding a balance between passivity and aggression. To do this, emphasize your ideas with facts to back them up. Additionally, challenge the ideas of your coworkers to invoke a deeper conversation that digs to the root level. This helps you make sure the best ideas can surface.

Step 2: Reliability Through Consistency

Inconsistency is a surefire way to ruin your reputation. In order to stay reliable, bring your best version of you forward, remaining true to your values. It’s also important to maintain a good work ethic so others can feel confident standing beside your ideas and leadership.

Step 3: Be Personable

Go out of your way to have personal exchanges with your employees and co-workers. Personal working relationships are significant for creating a team environment. If people see you as a team player, they’ll be more open to listen to your ideas and opinions.

Step 4: Listen to Others

Listening to others goes along with being personable, as influencing is a two-way street. The more you listen to the people around you and integrate their ideas into your vision, the more they’ll believe in your ideas and incorporate them into their vision.

Step 6: Know What You Want

Take the initiative by knowing what you want and how to get there. A great way to do this is by setting achievable goals. By working toward achievable goals, you’re more apt to be more productive, efficient, and respected in your workplace.

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