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Professor emerita of biological sciences, Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, has helped to advance the field of cancer immunotherapy through her dedicated work and was recently recognized by the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) as a Distinguished Fellow. It’s the work of dedicated scientists like Ostrand-Rosenberg, that help society to advance.

In today’s industry roundup, we take a look at the world of science and how it affects us on many different levels.

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A DNA mystery

New scientific findings are muddying the waters of our early existence. Seems our origins may be credited in part to an unknown ancestor. “The findings on ghost DNA, published in the journal Science Advances, complicates the picture of how Homo sapiens — or modern humans — evolved away from other human relatives.”

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Vaccine for Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is causing a lot of anxiety for those in an immune-compromised state. We don’t have a defense against it yet, but one is on the horizon. This fall, scientists are hoping to make a vaccine available to fight this new virus.

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Sun exploration on the horizon

The most elusive parts of the sun are about to be explored by a probe called Solar Orbiter. The orbiter is going to get an in-depth look at the poles of the sun, angles not previously seen.

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The melting of Antarctica

Antarctica is showing signs of a record warm spell. Brown land now covers what used to be snow-capped images. In just an 8 day span, images show the dramatic effect of warming temperatures.

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