Developing Innovative Leaders at UMBC [VIDEO]

UMBC’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership (EIL) graduate program develops innovative leaders by offering students the opportunity to get to know and create relationships with the instructors who are driving this program.

Developing Innovative Leaders

We sat down and spoke with Gib Mason, EIL program director, to discuss this unique program and how students benefit.

“In building of The Center for Leadership and Innovation at UMBC Training Centers, I’ve had the opportunity to surround myself with dozens of some of the coolest most influential dynamic entrepreneurs innovators and leaders that work with us directly. I think the opportunity to learn from the people who are the ones that have been rolling up their sleeves, getting dirt on their boots for years, having multiple failures and multiple successes is an incredible experience. That sits in front of you, along with that the opportunity to practice your work. Whether you’re practicing your work as a leader, as an innovator, as an entrepreneur.”  Gib Mason, graduate program director

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