Providing Valuable Insight into the Hiring Process | UMBC Mic’d Up Podcast

The hiring process can be daunting for organizations. IO Psychology professionals like Kendra Lyons ‘ 09, M.P.S. IO Psychology, help to make the process easier and less risky by providing valuable insights into the hiring process.

In this episode of UMBC’s Mic’d Up Podcast Kendra shares with us a glimpse into the daily life of an IO Psychology professional.

  • What does it take to be one?
  • What kinds of skills are necessary?
  • How should someone test the waters to know it’s the right fit for them?

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About UMBC’s Master’s Program in I/O Psychology

The UMBC Master’s Program in I/O Psychology is a unique, highly applied program which provides graduate training focused on developing skills that are relevant in today’s job market. Students explore and integrate important topics including organizational behavioral management, consulting, human factors, and professional human resources practice. Our graduates develop a professional portfolio while building strong relationships with faculty practitioners and industry professionals.

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