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UMBC’s graduate certificate program in Integrated Product Development and Manufacturing provides students a unique, hands-on experience with a selection of fabrication tools for an improved understanding of the capability of each manufacturing process.  In this week’s Industry Roundup, we delve into the product world as we take a look at the wondrous material that product developers use to create smartphones.

We also take a peek into procrastination, energy-boosting morning routines, hearable tech, and mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

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The Stuff of Smartphones


Ever wonder what material your smartphone is made out of? Well, let’s start the hint by saying that in the small wooded mountains of North Carolina there is a major ‘gold mine’ of sorts, only it’s not gold but quartz. Silica, the material of your smartphone is made from quartz. This material has some unique qualities that extend beyond just practical.

How to Stop Procrastination with a Tomato Timer


No matter what your goal, if you procrastinate on it, you end up risking a loss. We set goals with great intentions. We want to succeed. We want to pass a class. We want to get ahead in our career. So why do we sabotage ourselves by procrastinating on the very things that will get us to achieve these things? Better question, yet, is how do we stop doing it?

A Morning Routine to Jump Start Your Success

lemon water

Looking for ways to energize before the start of a day at work/school? This article shares tips on a morning routine that will have you running circles around everyone else and making them wonder what you ate for breakfast.

The Next Big Thing in Tech – Hearables


Imagine being able to access all the great features of your smartphone without actually having to carry it around with you anymore? If all goes according to plan, Amazon, Apple and Google will release a small device you can wear in your ear.

Bermuda Triangle – Mystery Solved?

bermuda triangle

Seems rogue waves and not a time portal are the cause of so many ships being sucked into the vortex of the Bermuda Triangle. Check it out.

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