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Recently, UMBC astronomer, Kenji Hamaguchi, published research in Nature Astronomy that confirms the emission of cosmic rays from binary star systems. In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a look into more fascinating space news like how scientists have raised hope that life may exist on Mars when they detected a big underground aquifer. We also take a peek into the tech color blue and its health effect, the world of quantum encryption, an earthed skeleton, and national security.

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Underground Aquifer Detected on Mars

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If you’re fascinated by outer space and the possibility of life existing outside our blue sphere, you’re in for a treat. Scientists have recently detected an underground aquifer on Mars! This is not just any aquifer, either. It’s huge! Although the underground lake hasn’t been seen directly, this serves as a hopeful discovery that substantially increases the likelihood that the Red Planet might host life.

Is the Color of Tech Making us Miserable?

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Are you exposing yourself to too much blue light from your computer? Can it cause health problems? Is it tripping up connections in your brain, wreaking havoc on your nervous systems? Some experts believe the answer is yes to all these questions. Some believe orange is a much more suitable and healthy option.

Potential Dangers of Harnessing Quantum

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Quantum computers may seem like something straight out of an advanced Science Fiction flick with its bells, whistles, and promise to bring computational power leaps and bounds ahead of our most advanced machines. Google scientists have begun testing their cutting edge quantum tech, and they expect to showcase phenomenal results. The question on many minds is will this powerful technology bring dangers in its wake?

Bones of an English Colonist Uncovered

No doubt, there are countless untold stories of people who lived long before us. Their experiences could fill volumes of books and leave readers breathless with their discoveries. This fascination was brought to life for a team of archeologists who uncovered the skeleton of one of the first colonists in Jamestown. Project Jamestown Rediscovery has already unearthed two million artifacts, painting an increasingly intricate portrait of this cornerstone of American history—but the discovery of this early American may be their most groundbreaking yet.

Cyber Threat Detection Turns into a Real-Time Discovery

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Early detection of a cyber threat is one of the best protectors against a full blown attack. Booz Allen offers this early detection tool with its active network defense capability, StreamEngine.

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