The UMBC Career Center Is Here For You!

The UMBC Career Center offers students many benefits when it comes to preparing for their professional future. Take a look at some of the cool ways they can help you succeed. 

What is the UMBC Career Center?

The Career Center at UMBC is a place that all students should know about. It’s located on the 2nd floor of the Math/ Psych building. There are specific mentors and advisors that specialize in helping students to succeed no matter where they are in their career journey currently.

What if I need specific help for my major?

Visual Arts, performing arts, engineering, biology, computer science, you name it, UMBC’s Career Center has a career advisor for you. Their career specialists can help support you in your internship and employment search in your field of interest.  When making appointments for career advising in UMBCworks, you can choose a specific career specialist that fits your needs. Each specialist has different time slots for different types of assistance. So you can mix and match to your heart’s content. There are options for in-person and online meetings over WebEx.

How do I go about finding internships?

There are a couple of ways students can go about finding internships. First and most importantly, use my UMBCworks! The employers on UMBCworks are looking specifically for UMBC students. No matter if you’re a freshman, super senior, or graduate student, there’s something out there for you! You can filter positions by major, position type, date posted, and compensation type.

Resumes and cover letters

Resumes and cover letters are the first things employers will see when you apply for a position. Do you know the do’s and don’ts of writing a resume or cover letter? The Career Center will go over things like formatting, leveraging your relevant classes, portfolio reviews, cover letters, and resumes. Be prepared to take notes so your application materials can be the best they can be.

LinkedIn and Retrievers Connect

LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for finding people in your field to connect with. Sometimes it’s all about the people you know that will get you that interview!  You can make an appointment with an advisor to get in-depth help on your profile. Just go to UMBCworks and click LinkedIn when making an appointment.

Retrievers Connect is another incredible professional networking platform, just for UMBC students and alumni. You will have the chance to learn from those who have been in your shoes, discover industries and trends, and possibly get feedback on your resume and interviewing skills. It’s quick and easy to register using your UMBC ID or your LinkedIn profile.

Perfecting the interview

So let’s say you got your interview, but you’re a bit nervous. Fear not, for UMBC Career Center has  the solution for you! If you feel comfortable, a career advisor will be more than happy to do a mock interview with you. If you’re more of the shy type,  you can record an interview or answer specific questions to get targeted help by using Big Interview. Interviews are important to making a memorable impression on your potential employers.

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