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Here’s a recap of what’s in the news in and around the UMBC campus, originally brought to you by UMBC News.

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Technology with an Impact

Soobum Lee, UMBC engineer, uses his knowledge of harvest energy in answering the question of whether a wind turbine sensor can be designed that wouldn’t require new batteries. With the help of the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) Program, Lee’s work has continued to move forward both in the lab and on the field.

Building Trees and Relationships

UMBC has teamed up with Howard Community College (HCC) for a pilot program which creates an interactive, hands-on learning environment for urban forestry. This program not only builds relationships with prospective students, but also contributes to scientists’ understanding of urban forests, which is critical for modern environmental conservation.

Collaboration for a Common Goal

Matthew Fagan, assistant professor of GES at UMBC, emphasizes that the international community needs to support developing countries in reaching their goals of forest restoration, which can ultimately combat climate change, reduce extinctions, and improve lives.

Safety First

Lisa Kelly, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UMBC, is developing a technique to make chemicals in a safer way in order to prevent environmental damage and the risk of lab workers health. Receiving a grant through the National Science Foundation (NSL), she hopes to not only come to a solution but also build a bridge between multiple disciplines through collaboration.

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