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Health IT in a Pandemic World | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s Master’s in Health Information Technology program prepares experienced working professionals to fill a range of opportunities within the health care profession. This is especially important in today’s current pandemic and tomorrow’s post pandemic environment when accuracy and efficiency are critical.

Innovations at NASA | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s Sander Goossens designed and implemented code that’s helping NASA scientists better understand the evolution of planets, starting with Mercury. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at more fascinating NASA news. We also take a look at the modern technological world and its effect on Gen Z, AI solving the Rubix Cube, and […]

Changing the World through Innovation | UMBC Industry News

Every single innovative product on the market today had to be developed by someone who thought outside the box. UMBC is constantly innovating and encouraging its community to reach new heights and positively change the world through this kind of forward thinking.

fueled by innovation

Fueled by Innovation | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s community of inquiring minds is fueled by innovation. In fact, last month, UMBC shared a story of innovation whereby UMBC professor, Bradley Arnold, developed laser-based technology to safely and quickly detect IEDs and other hazards in combat zones.

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An Innovative Journey | UMBC Industry News

UMBC associate professor of chemical, biochemical, and environmental engineering, Lee Blaney, is conducting an innovative project on nutrients found in urine. The EPA is funding this project so he can investigate the ability of his Nutrient Extraction and Recovery Device (NERD) technology to recover nutrients from human urine.