UMBC’s Collin Sullivan Receives Global Acclaim for EdTech Leadership

In a striking testament to his unyielding commitment and inspiring innovation in the field of educational technology, Collin Sullivan, the Coordinator of Digital Credentialing at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), was distinguished as a 1EdTech Leader at the 2023 Learning Impact Conference.

This prestigious award, issued by the global non-profit consortium, 1EdTech™, celebrates the trailblazers creating inventive, open, and trusted digital learning ecosystems that fuel learners’ potential.

In the Spirit of Collaboration

In his pivotal role at UMBC, Sullivan skillfully collaborates with faculty, staff, students, and external campus partners to create high-quality micro-credentials. These derive from courses, programs, and other activities, allowing students to engage in authentic learning experiences that stimulate lifelong learning. Sullivan’s ingenuity shines in his approach to digital credentialing. His focal point is enhancing extracurricular and service learning experiences, allowing students to develop significant competencies that might not be visible on traditional transcripts.

Propelling a National Conversation on Digital Credentialing

Sullivan’s remarkable contributions to the digital learning landscape don’t stop at his university. As a co-chair of the 1EdTech Digital Credential Innovation Leadership Network (ILN), he shares his specialized knowledge with the broader 1EdTech community. He prompts discussions to propel the national conversation on digital credentialing.

1EdTech Consortium is a forward-thinking organization where some of the most ingenious educational providers and tech companies unite to refine digital learning solutions and prepare for future hurdles. Members devise solutions that facilitate transformative digital learning experiences through effective collaborations and universal standards, personalize learner journeys, amplify achievement opportunities, and bolster learner success.

Ensuring Educational Technology Continues to Evolve

Rob Abel, 1EdTech’s CEO, has expressed immense pride in their members’ work to ensure that educational technology continues to evolve, meeting the needs of all learners in the present and future. He emphasized, “These individuals set themselves apart through their dedication, advocacy, and ability to collaborate with others to power learner potential.”

Sullivan’s recognition is a testament to his leadership and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of educational technology, shaping an inclusive and empowering landscape for learners. He truly embodies the spirit of a 1EdTech Leader, providing a guiding light in a dynamic and evolving field. As we venture further into the digital era, Sullivan’s efforts will continue to fuel the engine of change in educational technology, guiding us toward a future where every learner’s potential can be fully realized.

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  1. Wait! I know Collin! He was a resource for faculty onboarding in the Fall 2022 semester! Such talent! And so deserving of this award!

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