What It’s Like to Study Software Engineering at UMBC

Join us for an enlightening episode of UMBC Mic’d Up Podcast as we dive into the world of international students at UMBC.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Madhuri Goyal, a current student pursuing her Master’s in Software Engineering. Get ready to explore the process, challenges, and the incredible support system provided by UMBC.

Firsthand Experience with Software Engineering

Being an international student herself, Madhuri shares her firsthand experience of the journey she embarked on to become a part of the UMBC community. From the initial application process to the moment she received her I-20, Madhuri was impressed by the seamless and efficient support she received. UMBC’s commitment to the international student community shines through in their timely assistance, recognizing the unique visa process and its significance for international students.

Throughout her time at UMBC, Madhuri felt well-guided and supported every step of the way. The university’s clear instructions and resources made her transition into campus life smoother than ever. Whether it was navigating academic requirements, campus facilities, or adjusting to a new culture, UMBC ensured that Madhuri had all the necessary tools and guidance.

Reflecting on an Educational Experience

In this episode, Madhuri reflects on her personal growth, academic achievements, and highlights the various opportunities available to international students at UMBC. She also shares valuable insights into the vibrant multicultural environment that UMBC fosters, emphasizing the diversity of perspectives and experiences within the campus community.

Join us as we listen to Madhuri’s inspiring journey and gain valuable knowledge about the international student experience at UMBC. This episode is a must-listen for prospective international students, current students, and anyone interested in understanding the unwavering support and inclusive atmosphere UMBC offers.

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