Work-Life Balance | 7 Tips to Help You Maintain Both

Work-life balance may seem difficult to achieve, especially when faced with too many demands. To achieve work-life balance, you need to have your finger on the pulse of what’s most important. Priorities are key. Determining your priorities will help you decide what gets your attention and when. To set priorities, you first need to determine the value you hold for different aspects of life.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance

The secret to achieving this balance begins with reviewing the activities that are part of your life. Then, you have to weigh their priority. Do you value outings with friends, cozy nights at home with the family, a high-paying job, a leadership position, exercise, nutrition, spending time with extended family, going on vacations, hanging out at sporting events, educating yourself?

If you’re like most career-minded people who want to succeed in both their business and personal lives, you want to do as much of these activities as possible. But, there are only so many hours in a day. Filling them to the brim is asking for trouble. Successful leaders will advise you to leave some wiggle room in your day. Wiggle room is that short span of time in between everything else that allows you to recharge. It is that buffer zone that enables you to stop rushing and start collecting your thoughts and energy. It helps you achieve that critical work-life balance!

You can’t devote equal amounts of time to everything. That’s why making choices is imperative.

On a daily basis, you’re faced with a bombardment of choices. Meetings or social dinner dates? E-mails or Facebook browsing? Finish the report or unwind with a good book? Let’s face it, sometimes, drawing the line between work and play can be tough. Office responsibilities are important, but so are recreation and spending time with those we care about.

How can we juggle our personal and professional lives? It all starts with balance, work-life balance that is! See below for some of our best tips on how you can take control over life’s demands and come out feeling great.

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