An Entrepreneurial Adventure into Yoga and Wellness

Join us for this episode of UMBC’s Mic’D Up Podcast featuring Elyse Preston, a graduate student in the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership Graduate Program at UMBC. We chat about her educational and entrepreneurial journeys and how they have led her to open her small business venture, Be More Connected.

“One of the most valuable takeaways that I’ve been able to gain form the EIL program is finally feeling as though the experience of failure is something that is necessary and something that is really valuable.” Elyse Preston, Founder of Be More Connected, Healer, Coach, and Human Design Guide

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About Be More Connected

Be More Connected is a wellness consultancy that supports leaders, change makers and visionaries to become more aligned, inspired, and energized through the integration of movement, mindfulness, and Human Design. They are committed to integrating an array of offerings for individuals and organizations dedicated to social impact. 

About UMBC’s Graduate Programs in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

UMBC’s graduate program in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership empowers professionals to drive organizational change. Whether you are working within an existing business or want to start your own, our program will teach you the real-world skills needed to thrive. Led by seasoned entrepreneurs, our program will teach you how to bring an entrepreneurial mindset, innovative practices, and thoughtful leadership to your organization.

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