4 Pieces of Advice Every Young Professional Needs

UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies works diligently to prepare the next generation of students for the world of work. Not only focusing on their knowledge of their field, but also in preparation with advice, guidance, and mentorship.

Every young aspiring professional needs some advice before stepping their way into the workplace. Whether it comes from mentors in their life or a simple blog like this, knowing how to become prepared for advancing your career is the first step into becoming successful.

Seek Internship Opportunities 

Getting hands-on experience in the field of your choice is a must when in need to develop the next steps in your career. With having opportunities to be an intern somewhere, it allows you to develop new knowledge and skills you would not gain elsewhere. For example, communicating and interacting professionally in a workplace setting, as well as developing soft skills such as time management, adaptability, and organization, and attentive to detail.

Build Your Network

Building a network and relationships with those who cultivate the same passions and careers as you are very important in job-seeking. No matter how old you are or your current employment situation, you have built a network throughout your life. Whether that is former classmates, teachers, mentors, coaches, co-workers, family, etc. Those relationships are all part of your networking processes. Maintaining and growing more connections with who you already have in your life, plus meeting new ones that are cultivated towards your career allows you to be opened up to more opportunities for success. 

Grow Your Skills and Knowledge

Having a wide range of skills allows you to be a great candidate for employers. Consider participating in courses or activities that are related to your career so that you can expand your skills. As the economy and technology evolves and changes over time, learning new skills is vital to continued success in the workplace. One very important reason to enhance your skills and knowledge is that it allows you to increase your professionalism and marketability; this means that you are a potential candidate for more positions than just one. Another benefit from this includes being able to adapt more quickly to changes. Employers who look for growth in their companies will also invest into the employees they hire to build a strong learning and developing culture. 

Pursue Your Passion

Find your happiness in your career by striving for something that you are passionate about. Increase your productivity this way by finding something worth doing. Whether you spend your free time outside of work to pursue your passions, or your striving that your passion becomes your job, either of those are great for your mental health. As a person, we all have our hobbies and things that we are passionate about in life. It is important to spend some quality time doing those things. Even if your current career doesn’t embody those passions, find a way to incorporate it into your life.

Learn more about UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies by visiting https://professionalprograms.umbc.edu

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