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Ten UMBC speakers had the opportunity to share their stories about the world at the student-organized TEDxUMBC virtual event. The theme of the event was “Unmasking Uncertainty” and surprisingly was dreamed up before COVID-19 surged globally.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at the uncertainty of life post pandemic. We also take a look at the big science claims of 2020, whether the pandemic helped reduce air pollution, and a new innovative design for Zinc batteries. 

The World Post COVID-19 Pandemic

What will the world look like once we get control over this global pandemic? Experts answered the call to this question and shared their predictions of the social consequences of COVID-19. 

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Big science claims from 2020 

This article sheds light on some big science claims from 2020 that will certainly need more investigation, such as potential signs of life on Venus and Earth’s oldest parasites.

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Reducing Air Pollution

In the heart of the pandemic, roadways significantly saw less traffic. Did this have an effect on air pollution? Yes, but not in the way you may think. COVID-19 shutdowns didn’t fix air pollution, but create a natural experiment to study it.

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A New Design to Expand Zinc-air Batteries Shelf Life

Zinc-air batteries are typically not rechargeable. But using new materials, researchers have now built one of these devices that can be recharged hundreds of times.

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