An International Journey Toward Data Science at UMBC [VIDEO]

We sat down with UMBC M.P.S. Data Science graduate student, Spandan Gupta, to talk about her journey from India to America to study. She shares candid insights about her experiences.

“The data science industry has been growing, and I felt the U.S. was the best place to begin my search for graduate work because it’s the hub. So I read every news article I could find on universities for data science in the U.S. I found ten universities having a data science master’s focus. From there, I landed on UMBC’s website. Not only did UMBC offer a master’s program, but they offered a master’s in professional studies (MPS). In addition to analytics, machine learning, and algorithms, this program also included management and ethical concentrations, which is why I shortlisted UMBC and eventually decided it was the place I wanted to study.” Spandan Gupta

UMBC’s M.P.S. graduate program in Data Science prepares students to respond to the growing demand for professionals with data science knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our program brings together faculty from a wide range of fields who have a deep understanding of the real-world applications of data analytics. UMBC’s Data Science programs prepare students to excel in data science roles through hands-on experience, rigorous academics, and access to a robust network of knowledgeable industry professionals.

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