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UMBC assistant professor of information systems, Jianwu Wang, is analyzing climate data with the goal to develop more efficient cause-effect relationships that affect the planet.

In today’s industry roundup, we take a look at global efficiencies brought about by scientific discoveries. We also look at the effect of the pandemic shutdown and cosmic explosions.

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The Temporary Good Effect of a Global Lockdown

The COVID-19 global lockdown has created a ripple effect of good news for the environment. With people staying put, it seems we’ve created a 17% drop in global carbon emissions. According to an analysis though, this drop isn’t going to last. To make a true impact on the overall ecosystem, the annual emission reductions would need to carry on for decades to achieve the climate objectives posed in the UN Paris Agreement.

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Cosmic Explosions Discovered

A new class of cosmic explosions was recently discovered when astronomers found two objects that share characteristics with supernova explosions of massive stars. Read about their saga in this article.

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A New Theory on Urban Smog

Under laboratory conditions, researchers at CERN in Switzerland observed the formation of atmospheric aerosols and discovered new information on the link between nitrogen oxides, originating in traffic and the energy industry, and the climate and air quality. These findings were published in the Nature and Science Advances journals.

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Life Saved at Sea by Mathematics

A new mathematical application can help speed up the process of search and rescues at sea. A new algorithm can help operations pinpoint locations at sea by accurately predicting where objects and people will drift.

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