MPS degree program at UMBC

The Value of an MPS Degree | UMBC Professional Graduate Programs

MPS degree programs go far beyond technical skills and theoretical knowledge. With the goal of professional success in mind, Master of Professional Studies degrees prepare students for leadership and management roles in their field.

Aayush graduating from UMBC engineering management graduate program

Stories of Success: Aayush Sharma, UMBC Engineering Management Graduate Program

Aayush Sharma, Engineering Management Graduate Program Alumnus, came to UMBC as an international student from India. He has since led a successful career in Project Management in the Washington, D.C. metro area. We sat down with him to discuss his coursework, international student experience, and involvement in student organizations. Choosing the Engineering Management Graduate Program Aayush came […]

finance graduate education

Grit In Practice: How to Finance Graduate Education

If you’re deciding to go back to school, one of the largest obstacles may be figuring out how you’re going to finance graduate education. There are countless resources out there to assist you in finding thousands of dollars in scholarships, grants, and loans. You just have to know where to look. Find Scholarships and Grants […]

Seghen discusses her Health IT experience.

Stories of Success: Seghen Haile, Alumna, UMBC Health IT Graduate Program

In 2016, Seghen Haile graduated from UMBC’s Health IT graduate program, where she gained technical skills and experiences that assisted her career growth. She sat down with us to discuss her graduate school experience, her time as a global health fellow for US Aid with the Public Health Institute, and her career advancement. Building on […]