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UMBC’s Retriever Fleet Bike Share program is a great way for students, faculty and staff to get around campus, to help keep our environment clean, and to get exercise at the same time! And what makes this program even better is that it’s free! In this week’s roundup, we take a peek into how bikes can actually help explain three life and business lessons. We also take a look at topics such as Fitbit’s new health app, Microsoft’s new $25M AI initiative, monetizing big data, and a pretty cool high stakes science contest.

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3 Life and Business Lessons Explained by a Bike


Just about anything can be turned into food for thought. For instance, when reflecting on the complexities of life and business as an entrepreneur, a bicycle lends itself as an ingenious choice to explain the different cycles (no pun intended, of course). This insightful article points out 3 important phases that cycling can easily help explain: If times are rough, you are probably going up hill; if everything is easy, you might be going down hill; and there is no standing still because you will fall.

Fitbit Presents a New Health App


Have you reached your step goal? Answering that question was easy enough, but now even easier thanks to Fitbit’s newest technological gift to your health. Fitbit smartwatch users will soon have new options to keep their finger on the pulse of their health, including improvement options for diabetics and cancer patients.

Microsoft’s New $25 M AI for Accessibility Initiative


A new potential AI technology is aimed at helping people with disabilities live better lives through three key areas: employment, human connection and modern life. Microsoft is offering seed grants of its technology to development partners.

Monetizing Big Data

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The net worth of big data continues to grow, and is estimated to end up somewhere in the land of $66.8 billion by 2021. That’s a whole lot of money, and to many, a whole bunch of concern over privacy issues contained within that big data. People are demanding more action be taken to protect their privacy. This article looks at this issue.

High Stakes Science Prize


If you’re into DNA, making a giant breakthrough in the evolution of computer code, and making lots of cash, you might want to check out this science contest. The Evolution 2.0 contest just got its first introduction to the world of scientists and will continue to stay open to submissions until – get this – 2026! Pretty much, you just have to determine and prove the origin of genetic code.

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