Career Success | UMBC’s I/O Psychology Advisory Board Preps Students

When it comes to career success, UMBC’s I/O Psychology Graduate Program Advisory Board ensures students have everything they need.

That being said, many factors come into play when choosing an I/O Psychology graduate program. First of all, how will your degree program help you land a job? And furthermore, will you leave the program with a valuable network of connections?

At UMBC, we provide an education that extends far beyond the classroom. An advisory board oversees UMBC’s I/O Psychology program. They help ensure that students receive a world-class education with real-world applications.

What is an advisory board?

An advisory board is a group of individuals who work to support and advise a corporation, organization, or foundation. The Advisory Board at UMBC’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology program encompasses the spirit of UMBC. The passion, positivity, and resilience of our board members fuels our students and professors. Consequently, this allows us to offer a program that stands out from other universities.

How does UMBC’s I/O Psych advisory board prepare students for career success?

At UMBC, we encourage research from our students. We provide a wide-range of resources to accommodate a student’s time with us. Representatives with vast industry experience from business, industry and government make up our Advisory Board. Hence, students gain both program and real world expertise.

Furthermore, members have a deep understanding about the field. They know what students require for career success. Our curriculum accommodates professional students with busy schedules. We understand their busy schedules. Therefore, we offer a flexible program designed to meet their needs. Additionally, our classes are held at in the evening. Also, core classes are offered on a rotating schedule to accommodate working professionals. In conclusion, UMBC works hard to provide a comprehensive and quality education at a manageable cost.

UMBC’s Advisory Board Honored at Advisory Board Recognition Event on May 3rd

The dynamic nature of an Advisory Board requires a team spirit. UMBC’s IO Psychology program enjoys cultivating this. On May 3, UMBC was proud to host the I/O Psychology program’s annual Advisory Board Recognition Event. Pictured here are members of the Advisory Board round table along with program director, Dr. Elliot Lasson.

photo of program director Elliot Lasson and roundtable group

Learn more about how the UMBC’s I/O Psychology graduate program can help you achieve career success.

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