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UMBC has recently launched a Biotech Boot Camp to train workers displaced by COVID-19 for in-demand jobs in the Biotechnology field. In today’s Industry News, we take a look at how careers in the STEM field like that of Biotech and other sciences are booming.

We also explore the fascinating world of quantum physics, bringing dreams to life, and the state of progress today.

Careers in the STEM Field are Booming

This article acts as a guide to explore careers in STEM. As more industries and careers call for knowledge and training in STEM topics, students interested in these areas of study stand to benefit from job stability and higher-than-average salaries. 

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The Fascinating World of Quantum Physics – Pushing Atoms

Perhaps it’s the Star Trek fan in some of us that causes our hearts to pitter patter when we see news about pushing the limits of quantum physics. According to an article published by APS Physics, an atom has been transported between two locations in the shortest possible time, an achievement that has implications for quantum technologies.

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Bringing Dreams to Life

Scientists have recently discovered that we can communicate with others during REM sleep cycle. NOVA reported that 4 independent research studies show that during lucid dreaming, this two-way communication pattern is possible.

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The State of STEM Progress Today

PBS conducted an interview with Dr. Katherine Julian, the granddaughter of famed chemist, Percy Julian. In this interview Dr. Julian discussed how barriers for people of color still exist in science.

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