Cybersecurity During COVID-19 and Other Emergencies [VIDEO]

Tune into this video podcast on Cybersecurity During COVID-19 and Other Emergencies, presented by UMBC Cybersecurity program director, Dr. Rick Forno.

A Briefing on Cybersecurity During COVID-19 and Other Emergencies

Cyber touches many, if not all, parts of society and organizations. However, even in 2020, cybersecurity often still is seen as exclusively a function of IT and not a function of enterprise mission assurance or operational resiliency. Accordingly, operational performance can be compromised by a failure to consider, if not embrace, cybersecurity principles and concerns during crisis planning – which can significantly impede effective crisis response and incident management during actual events and make a bad situation even worse. This talk will discuss the role of cybersecurity and cybersecurity thinking within crisis management and incident handling, with a particular emphasis on maintaining operational resiliency and mission assurance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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