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Fast Grant for the Growing Pandemic

Although NIH grants typically take almost a year to receive money, UMBC researchers receive a fast grant to study antivirals’ effectiveness against COVID-19. Due to the urgency of this pandemic and approval for this grant, which has also been given to prestigious research institutions, our researchers are given this validation for how important their work is.

Rising with U-RISE

UMBC has received a new five-year $7.7 million grant from NIH, building on the legacy of MARC U*STAR. This new grant, which is part of U-RISE, will support activities from the past, as well as create even more for the future. This grant not only creates a sense of community among scholars, but UMBC graduates involved in this grant are five times more likely to attend graduate schools.

Understanding Earth’s Climate System

UMBC’s assistant professor of information systems, Jianwu Wang, receives a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Wang’s grant will support his work to make discoveries in order to help climate scientists. To do so, Wang is exploring new ways of applying his data as well as providing both undergraduate and graduate students with research opportunities.

Equity and Inclusion 

UMBC’s Ciara Christian has received the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ (AAC&U) 2020 K. Patricia Cross Future Leader Award. Christian’s continuous commitment to equity and inclusion through the numerous opportunities she has been involved in has proved her dedication to teaching and learning in higher education.

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