A Data Science Career Offers Many Opportunities [VIDEO]

Data science is a career with many opportunities. One main reason – In many industry jobs today people are beginning to deal with large volumes of data. Many still use Excel spreadsheets to deal with this abundant overflow of data.

There is a better way…

The UMBC Data Science graduate program teaches professionals how to take all this data and turn it into meaningful output. The professionals most ideal for this program are those who may already have an understanding of the basics. Perhaps they understand how to write a loop, create graphs, and perform various analyses. But, the important piece they are likely missing is how to ingest data in large volumes, data that is coming to them at high velocity. This data comes in from different formats, not just numbers, but pictures and text too. A professional who tackles data on a daily basis will likely have their hands in a variety of data and data of dubious veracity.

If you are one of these professionals who knows the basics and wants to learn how to deal with these emergent fields, please check out our program and contact us. We’re happy to help answer any questions.

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