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UMBC was recently named a leader in geosciences and space science. A NASA-funded satellite developed by UMBC’s Vanderlei Martins in collaboration with the Space Dynamics Lab will soon be launched into Earth’s orbit.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at the what-if scenario of losing touch with our satellites. We also look at things you can do with GPS, the effects of blue light, and how AI will change us socially.

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The Critical What-if Satellite Question

What would Earth look like if we suddenly lost all of our satellites? Would we recognize a world without telecommunications? Our ability to use cellphones would cease. Internet connections would disappear. Our television sets would go blank. We’d have to go back to honing in on skills like reading a paper map. Yeah, life would be difficult. How plausible is it?

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5 Things Your GPS Can Do

GPS does some pretty amazing things. Even with all its amazing abilities, there are likely a few that you weren’t even aware of. For instance, did you know it can provide earthquake information to scientists? Or that it can help monitor a volcano?

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The Effects of Blue Light

The blue light from devices may not only alter our circadian rhythms but can also have a negative effect on our eyes. Scientists have been investigating prolonged exposure to blue light and their findings indicate it can trigger irreversible damage to cells. Even still, experts say there’s no need to panic.

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How AI Will Change US

Will AI change the way we socially interact as a species? If so, what implications will this have on our future and our overall survival? How disruptive can AI become in our lives as social beings?

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