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Today’s Industry News highlights cool science and tech discoveries advancing us. These articles mirror the innovative mindsets of our UMBC community members who are driven to extend beyond to bring to life new ideas and breakthroughs that can positively move us forward.

Rare Dinosaur Embryos Discovered

Scientists recently reconstructed Sauropods, which lived 80 million years ago, and they look different than first suspected. Scientists discovered were able to reconstruct the large herbivore when they uncovered a perfect fossil of its embryo.

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Connecting a Brain and a Computer

If anyone is capable of connecting a brain and computer with a series of thin electrodes and making it happen, it’s Elon Musk. The goal is to have your brain wired to a smartphone. His initial motivation was to create s device that would help people deal with brain and spinal cord injuries or congenital defects.

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Mosquito immune system mapped to help fight malaria

We’re used to maps of roadways, of national parks, of amusement parks, but what about maps of an immune system? A mosquito’s immune system to boot! Check out this fascinating method of studying new ways to fight an age-old disease like Malaria.

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Disrupting Energy: Nano-diamond self-charging batteries

We’ve all been there when a battery dies at the absolute worst time. Imagine if there was such a thing as a battery that lasted for a decade or even longer, like say 28,000 years without needing a charge? Check out the Nano-diamond self-charging battery.

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