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With a new semester comes new anxiety and stress levels for some. Be sure to check out some helpful posts on the UMBC Wellness Initiative group on myUMBC.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at ways to help with anxiety and stress through the power of the breath and strategies for facing the unknown. We also take a look at a billion dollar fund for AI and quantum computing and innovative legs for tiny robots to make them more useful in hard to reach places.

The perfect breath

To de-stress, take a breath. Simple as that. It’s not a complicated action, yet many of us fail to do so correctly to reduce stress. This article instructs you on how to take the perfect breath so that it can circulate throughout your body and bring you into a state of instant relaxation.

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Facing the unknown

During times of uncertainty, our minds can play tricks on us and turn our once clear-focused thoughts into mangled bits. This article shares insights into how people can regain control of their mindsets during times of stress and unknowns.

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$1 billion research for AI and quantum computing in the name of national security

In the name of national security, the U.S. has announced a new $1 billion funding for AI and quantum computing. The funds will be used to build 12 multidisciplinary hubs for various agencies within the federal government. The goal – fund emerging technologies to stand apart from world competitors.

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A leg up for microrobots

Scientists have long desired to make autonomous microrobots for environments that their macroscopic counterparts could never reach. That desire is coming full circle now that scientists have created legs for these tiny robots. Once impossible, now these little leggy robots will venture to areas once deemed unreachable by robots, places like blood vessels to carry out surgeries.

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