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UMBC’s community of inquiring minds is fueled by innovation. In fact, last month, UMBC shared a story of innovation whereby UMBC professor, Bradley Arnold, developed laser-based technology to safely and quickly detect IEDs and other hazards in combat zones. In today’s industry roundup, we share another great story of innovation by University of Maryland Medical Center. We also take a look at skills you’ll need in the future, crafting a personal mission statement and the science behind forgetfulness.

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Maryland Unmanned Organ Delivery a Success

A cool engineering moment occurred when the first-ever synergistic breakthrough between medicine and aviation technology delivered a donor kidney to surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) in Baltimore. The kidney was successfully transplanted into a patient with kidney failure.

Skills You’ll Need in the Future

The future is on its way whether you’re prepared or not. Forbes outlines 10 vital skills you should learn now to thrive in the future when work may look completely different. Do you already possess these skills?

Crafting a Strong Personal Mission Statement

Why do you need a personal mission statement? Well for starters, a mission statement can keep you focused on building a strong foundation. Without that, all the careful prep work you’ve done can crumble very easily. To stay on track and define your framework, experts have suggestions on ways to get the most out of your planning efforts.

The Science Behind Forgetfulness

Ever forget why you entered a room, what someone’s name is, or failed to remember something really important? This infographic may help you understand why this happens and how you can counteract it.

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  1. vasan City Acadamey says:

    Dennise Cardona’s blog post highlights the culture of innovation at UMBC, showcasing the groundbreaking work of Professor Bradley Arnold in developing laser-based technology for detecting hazards in combat zones. The post exemplifies UMBC’s commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and technological advancements. Additionally, Cardona provides a roundup of industry news, offering insights into future skills, personal development, and scientific discoveries. This comprehensive approach underscores the university’s dedication to promoting innovation across various disciplines and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

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