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Here’s a recap of what’s in the news in and around the UMBC campus.

This news recap is brought to you by UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies, offering a broad array of professionally-focused master’s degree and certificate programs that address industry needs while anticipating future opportunities.

UMBC Engaging In It’s First Giving Day

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On February 28, 2018 starting on the strike of midnight, the UMBC campus will be all abuzz with the spirit of giving. Yes, that’s right, the entire UMBC community is invited to participate in this exciting, twenty-four event that is gearing up to raise money to help support UMBC students and build lasting community connections. Here’s what’s planned…

UMBC Professor is Transforming Vacant Baltimore Lots

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Like any large metropolis, Baltimore has its fair share of vacant lots brimming with the opportunity to add vitality and resources to its urban setting. Chris Swan, professor of geography an environment systems, sees this opportunity and has decided to do something to help. See what’s in store.

New Grant to Expand Support for UMBC Mechanical Engineering Students

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A new grant provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) will furnish resources geared to help support STEM students via scholarships and activities. This grant will allow UMBC to foster an environment which supports diverse students and leads them toward success in mechanical engineering careers.

Detecting Gravitational Waves With the Help of a Toaster!

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What started out as a rejected research paper back in 2016, became the catalyst to invent a method to show that quantum theory can apply to light other than lasers. UMBC physicists, Yanhua Shih, professor of physics, and Thomas Smith, UMBC Ph.D. student, set out to demonstrate how it’s possible to capture clear images from an airplane or satellite even in the company of turbulence. They did so with the help of a toaster oven!

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