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Industry Roundup for Friday, 1-26-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into the entrepreneurial world with vertical approaches to business, Health IT and Data Science strategies for sharing VA medical records, the science and technology behind drip irrigation, and the most innovative cities.

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A vertical approach to standing out in the crowded business landscape.

vertical industry roundup

Niche markets offer small businesses an opportunity to attract new customers and beef up strategies for successful outcomes. Looking beyond your current circumstances and at a new focal point offers a wider chance at growing your bottom line. This strategy is know as a vertical approach, and this article goes into more depth on it.

New Proposed Method of Sharing Health Records for the VA

files industry roundup

The current issues surrounding the VA and the Health Information Exchange (HIE) wreaks havoc on healthcare access for veterans. Many veterans are denied or delayed access to care and treatment because of lack of consent on file. A new system is being proposed to help alleviate these issues.

The Science Behind Drip Irrigation

drip industry roundup

It’s no surprise that the world needs a solution to future potential water shortages. Drip irrigation offers a viable solution to a big, looming problem. This article takes a look at how drip irrigation works and why it may well be the future.

Is your city one of the most innovative?

city industry roundup
What constitutes an innovative city? This article dissects it all for you as it looks at factors such as, cost, culture, business environment factors, educational access, emerging economies, talent, and much more.

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