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Industry Roundup for Friday, 2-23-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into prepping for the future, growing pains of technology, a Nat Geo grand storytelling journey, and keylogger malware affecting over 2000 WordPress sites.

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How to Best Prep Your Career for the Future?

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The future may seem a far distance away, but before you can blink, BAM it comes racing at you. If you’re prepared for it, you’ll likely embrace the dynamic nature of a moment in time. If you’re still stuck on past thoughts and a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of today, you may need to read this insightful article.

Keeping an Open Mind with Consumer Care and Technology

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Whenever new technology steps through the front door of an organization, there are going to be some growing pains. This is especially true of organizations that require simultaneous person-centered care that relies heavily on trust. This article reflects on lessons learned in the healthcare industry as it moves into a system that incorporates digital resources, team-based care, and proactive strategies.

Retracing the Steps of Earth’s Original Discovery

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Meet, Paul Salopek, a Nat Geo Society Fellow who has set out on the walk of a lifetime, or as he named it: The Out of Eden Walk. He has set out from Africa on a storytelling journey that follows the footsteps of the first human migrations out of Africa during the Stone Age.

Keylogger Malware Affecting over 2000 WordPress Sites.

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Watch out world, we’ve got a keylogger issue on hand. It’s part of a malicious package that installs more than you bargained for in the open source WordPress content management system. It also installs an in-browser cryptocurrency miner that oh-so craftily then runs on the computers of people visiting the infected sites.

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