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Industry Roundup for Friday, 3-2-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into virtual reality, greenhouse gases, proactive approaches to entrepreneurship, nutrient pollution sensors, and podcasting.

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The Reality of Virtual Reality

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The idea of experiencing life outside of reality seems well, a bit, unrealistic. But, it’s happening! And the opportunities to learn and shape behavior has taken on a whole new level of research excitement. Virtual reality is the new lab where researchers can observe how subjects interact with immaterial and tangible objects reinforced by illusion.

New Tool Developed to Study Greenhouse Gases

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On Tuesday, March 6, an airplane will be flying over Hampton, New Jersey and North Carolina to test out the world’s first triple-pulsed laser system. NASA Langley Research Center developed the laser and hopes to gain new insights greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Proactive Approach to Making the Sales Call

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If picking up the phone and making a sales call makes your stomach roll, you’re not alone. Though, to be a successful entrepreneur, overcoming this is a must. This article offers a proactive approach.

Water Quality Challenge to Use Nutrient Pollution Sensors

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World, we’ve got some water issues. Namely, we’ve got a build up of excess nitrogen and phosphorus in our water systems and that’s wreaking havoc on nutrient management efforts. The EPA has a plan to help. They have formed a federal partnership that will begin measuring and hopefully reducing nutrient pollution in water.

Quick Tips on Podcasting

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It’s no surprise that podcasting is an excellent way to connect with your core customers. If podcasting is something you’ve wanted to do but feel a bit overwhelmed by the process of it all, this article can help. The great news is that podcasting doesn’t have to be a big, complex undertaking.

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