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In today’s Industry News, we take a look at a cool new product slated to hit the market that will revolutionize the way we keep the heat away. We also take a look at NASA’s latest exploration, the concept of a quantum internet, and the revival of microorganisms from 100 million years ago.

Cool Technologies

A new invention shows great promise for those who can’t handle the heat of summer. Innovators have designed a fabric that can keep someone cool without the need for AC. So not only will someone be able to say cool, but they’ll be able to do it in an environmentally-friendly way!

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NASA to study light from newborn stars

To understand the light emitted from newborn stars, NASA plans to set afloat a football stadium-sized balloon to study its effects. It may not be space exploration in the usual sense, but it is space study nonetheless.

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Engineering a Quantum Internet

The US government is working on developing quantum networking, the Department of Energy said Thursday. DOE unveiled its strategy for building a “national quantum internet” during a press conference at the University of Chicago, saying it will push the nation to the front of the global quantum race.

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Scientists revived long-dormant organisms with carbon and nitrogen in the lab

An analysis of seafloor sediments dating from 13 million to nearly 102 million years ago found that nearly all of the microbes in the sediments were only dormant, not dead. When given food, even the most ancient microbes revived themselves and multiplied, researchers report July 28 in Nature Communications.

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