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UMBC remains dedicated to creating a sustainable environment. In fact, UMBC researchers, Kevin Sowers and Upal Ghosh, have recently invented a creative way to remove dangerous pollutants from waterways. In today’s news, we take a look at others who are also invested in saving our planet and the beautiful species that live here. We also take a looks at pollution’s effect on our brains, the massive growth of data, and how AI will affect the job market.

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It Takes A Village…

One group of people with a keen interest in saving our planet and the beautiful life forms who occupy it are moving a forest. That’s right. To save the Monarch Butterfly, a known keystone species, this group of scientists and concerned citizens are lacing up their hiking books and hitting the trails in a journey to save life as we know it.

The Biggest 2 Years of Data Creation Ever Known

There are some cool facts that get our attention, causing us to stop and reflect on how awe-inspiring they are. But, this cool fact stopped me in my tracks because it’s just THAT awe-inspiring and challenging all in one. It’s been announced that #Data is now one of the most valuable commodities known to mankind. Data! And check this out: 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years alone. Imagine the future.

How AI will Affect the Future Job Market

If it’s not been on your mind yet, it will be… how will AI affect your job in the future? Well, according to experts, the job market will need to transform and do so dramatically. For those afraid of losing their employment to a machine, this could raise stress levels. Though AI might replace certain jobs, it will also create massive job opportunity.

Pollution’s Effect on Our Brains

As if breathing in smelly pollution wasn’t bad enough, now experts warn it could be having a major effect on our brains and changing our behavior. Emerging studies show that air pollution may be impairing our judgment, causing mental health disorders and creating higher levels of crime.

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