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We learned this week that UMBC researchers have sped up analysis of Arctic ice and snow data through AI. It’s this kind of scientific work that showcases the innovative spirit of UMBC. In today’s industry news, we take a look at several scientific wonders that highlight the same innovative spirit of scientists doing important work.

Weird Properties of Water Discovered

One of the basic building blocks to life has just gotten a bit more exciting. You see, when supercooled, water takes on more than one form. It morphs between a high-density form and a low-density form. What does this mean to us? According to this intriguing article, it influences water in our ordinary life. 

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The Future of Spacecraft Landings

It’s always good to plan ahead, especially when those plans are about how to land successfully on Venus and Europa. One must-have feature for any future spacecraft daring such a landing is to be super agile. 

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Orbit-Made Quantum State Born

Space offers us many grand and weird opportunities. One of which is studying strange matter in orbit to better understand the fundamentals of physics. Part of this study includes more sensitive quantum measurements to better grasp the possibilities things like microgravity. 

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The Quantum Internet

Scientists have been dreaming up the possibility of a quantum internet, and their dreams could come true. A quantum internet would be able to link cities of the future and span the globe. Scientists recently entangled quantum hard drives connected across tens of kilometers. This is a giant first step toward the dream’s reality. 

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