UMBC Grit in Action: An Engineering Management Success Story

Ever wonder how classroom lessons apply to real life? Meet Syed Mukarram, an Engineering Management graduate student from India. He designed a product called LaviFeet during an entrepreneurship course, ENMG 690: Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, at UMBC. LaviFeet is a small, portable foot tub that allows Muslims to more easily wash their feet before daily prayer. Thanks to the support of his professor, Dr. Sheldon Broedel, Syed was able to construct a prototype for the LaviFeet, which he now uses several times a day. Syed is a shining example of how our students are putting their grit into action. He now has the ability to take this project beyond the classroom and provide this essential resource to other Muslims living throughout the United States.

ENMG 690: Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship is part of the Engineering Management Graduate Program at UMBC. This program offers a Masters of Science in Engineering Management and a Certificate in Engineering Management. UMBC’s program combines a practical business approach with an in-depth technical concentration. Students learn how to lead others and manage complex projects. Designed to address real-world problems in the workplace, UMBC’s Engineering Management graduate courses are developed and taught by industry experts.

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