Senator Ben Cardin Visits UMBC to Discuss Global Cybersecurity

Senator Ben Cardin visited UMBC. He discussed current issues in global cybersecurity with students from CYBR 622 – Global Cyber Capabilities and Trends. This course is part of UMBC’s Cybersecurity Graduate Program.

Senator Ben Cardin speaks to a UMBC cybersecurity classThe students studying for their advanced degree in Cybersecurity got a treat from his visit. So, excitement grew as they listened to Senator Ben Cardin share his thoughts on his work. He discussed his work on the International Cybersecurity Policy Committee. Furthermore, Senator Cardin shared his thoughts about global cybersecurity governance and cybersecurity in today’s world.

Prior to the Visit

In preparation, students read the subcommittee’s May 14, 2015 hearing report. They asked the senator questions about this report, as well as other subcommittee activities. Additionally, they also asked about his general thoughts on the many challenges in global cybersecurity.

The discussion that followed intrigued the students. Many walked away from the class with a newfound appreciation for both Senator Ben Cardin and the world of cybersecurity.

“His first-hand knowledge and insights were unique and valuable. His visit was the highlight of the semester for me and the students,” said Dr. Terry Thompson, Graduate Faculty and Instructor of CYBR 622.

Senator Ben Cardin speaks to an eager group of UMBC cybersecurity graduate studentsThe Discussion with Senator Ben Cardin

Senator Cardin discussed an variety of topics with students. Some of these centered around Russia, China, France, and North Korea. As a result, an engaging discussion evolved. They talked about the proper response to Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election. As you already know, this has been a serious topic of debate in America. Senator Cardin pointed out that an easy answer doesn’t exist. Furthermore, NATO and other allies would have to coordinate any U.S. cyber response. This would further bring into the discussion a dilemma. How to respond to what is essentially an act of cyber war in a time of peace?

The Cybersecurity Graduate Program was deeply honored to have Senator Cardin visit. Students and faculty enjoyed hearing his insights on many important cybersecurity topics affecting us all.

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