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UMBC Cyber Dawgs were recently named CyberForce national champions, illustrating UMBC’s spirit to commitment in excellence. UMBC is at the cornerstone of cybersecurity education, creating future leaders and innovators who will help improve the world.

In today’s industry news, we take a look at ways technology has changed our world. We also look at new cyber malware issues in one prominent sector, the tipping points of climate change, and security issues discovered in tens of millions of SMS messages.

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How Tech Has Improved the World

Over the past ten years, we’ve witnessed major strides in technology. Tech has no doubt frustrated us over the past decade, bringing us headaches in the form of fake news and deepfake videos. But tech has also brought us incredible things like electricity and solutions to big world problems. This article takes a peek into 6 ways tech has improved our lives.

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New Cyber Malware Detected

A new cyber malware arrived and its aimed at the hospitality industry, experts warn. “RevengeHotel” fishes for credit card details of travelers from hotel systems in many parts of the world, including Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, and a few others. When a guest opens a malicious email, a remote object is dropped and executes the malicious payload. The malware is able to capture details from the clipboard, printer spoolers, and screenshots.

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Past the Climate Tipping Points

A handful of climate scientists believe that we’ve crossed the climate tipping points that may send us into a spiral of unstoppable climate events such as warming of West Antarctic ice sheet, Corals in the Great Barrier Reef, and the Amazon rainforest. These events could pose an existential threat to civilization. A decade ago scientists identified a grouping of tipping points and now we are seeing them activated.

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SMS Messages Security Issues

Tens of millions of SMS text messages are floating around unsecured online due to a database security lapse. TrueDialog, a business SMS provider that allows businesses to send bulk SMS messages to customers, never encrypted its content. The type of content exposed was phone numbers, finance applications, and marketing messages.

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