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UMBC’s Interactive Systems Research Center (ISRC) recently introduced their new UMBC User Studies Lab which includes wearable research tools to help bring technology to new heights.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at the impact of emerging wearable technologies on the world. We also look at the risk/reward of 5G technology, greatest inventions from the past thirty years, and a glimpse into our potential future.

Emerging wearables making an impact

Wearables are popping up all over marketplaces and creating much buzz around its potential benefits to health and wellness. These benefits include Alzheimer’s prediction, water, and electrolyte loss sensors, detection of cancer cells in the blood, portable dialysis, and detection of heart disease.

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Does 5G pose a risk?

There is widespread concern over the use of 5G and its effect on human health and reproduction. One scientist claims that 5G will cause an almost instantaneous crash in human reproduction “almost to zero.” Do we have something to worry about? This article takes a deep dive into the matter.

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The greatest inventions over the past 30 years

Life looked drastically different thirty years ago. People relied on voice messaging machines and call waiting, on using a travel agent to book an airplane ride and hotel, and on frequenting one-hour photoshops to process pictures taken on vacation. This article takes us through the most influential inventions since the early 1990s.

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A glimpse into our potential future

Think coffee only fuels your body? Think again. How about your car? Bingo! This is just one example of how scientists predict technology will fill our future world. Others include floating farms, brave wave passwords, and living robots.

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