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The Data Science Master’s program at UMBC prepares students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds for careers that deal with Big Data. In today’s Industry Roundup, we’ll take a look at the future of Big Data and what we can expect to see. We also look at the fringes of science, tips to regain focus, and ways to improve your job interview.

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What the Future Holds for Big Data

New advancements in technology are surfacing more often. With so much progress, it’s kind of fun to think about how much of our lives will be impacted and changed in the near and distant future. What do you hope to see come to life in the future?

Regain Your Focus

The ability to focus is critical if you want to do more than stare blankly at the world outside of yourself. Seems simple. But is it? Technical distraction is causing great issues for many. The great news is that you can do something to remedy this.

On The Fringes of Science

The case for believers and nonbelievers of parapsychology remains a popular one. Is ESP a real thing? Can one truly bend a spoon with the mind? Scientists experimented with these phenomena at the Rhine’s research library. If not for real, at least we get to hang out in the gray area of psychology for a while as we read this article.

What Matters Most in a Job Interview?

Even more important than showing off your skillset on a job interview is your personality. 70% of employers based their hiring decisions on personality traits, with confidence being the top one. What are the least desirable personality traits? This article goes into that too to help you avoid them.

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