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The UMBC Career Center empowers the campus community to succeed in their future careers by providing beneficial resources for professional development.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at professional development tips by exploring constructive debate, the 80/20 Rule, persuasion techniques, and navigating workplace culture.

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The Art of Constructive Debate

Many of us have a difficult time having a critical conversation with a superior. Avoidance isn’t the answer. So how can you disagree without affecting the delicate balance of your working relationship? Experts offer advice on how to disagree with someone more powerful than you.

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Working by the 80/20 Rule

There’s a little known economic output fact that 80% of the production in various industries results from the productive efforts of 20% of the workers. This became known as Pareto Principle, and is widely used as a time management tool. By focusing on this principle, you may be able to increase efficiency in your life.

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Need to Persuade? Try This Next Time.

17th-century philosopher, Blaise Pascal, discovered the quickest way to change someone’s mind is to agree with them, even if you don’t. Say what? You’ll be challenged to win someone over with your brilliant idea by disagreeing with theirs. Pascal suggests instead that before disagreeing with people, agree with them first on ways in which they are correct. This offers others permission to lower their defenses and change their minds.

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How to Fit in at Work

To some employers, soft skills are more important than technical skills. If a person can’t fit into the workplace culture, things can take a downward turn and quickly. So what’s a person to do if they don’t fit in? Is the only option to quit and try someplace else? This article shares tips on ways to improve your soft skills and succeed in most any work environment.

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