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UMBC shared its recent Public Health Dashboard and, as of October 21, our campus has a 0% positivity rate. The dashboard provides timely data about the prevalence of COVID-19 within our main campus.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at a bold new COVID study in the UK where volunteers are deliberately injected with live COVID. We also take a look at innovative ways we are reusing plastics, a new hope for those with inherited blindness, and becoming cyber smart.

UK to Deliberately Infect Volunteers with COVID in a New Study

To better understand how the virus works, a research team from the UK will deliberately infect volunteers who range in less vulnerable age groups of 18-30.

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A Way to Use Plastics

Plastic is wreaking havoc on our planet. Recycling it has proved ineffective on a large scale. So what do we do with all this plastic? Makes some nano-tubes, of course!

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Hope for Those with Inherited Blindness

Gene therapy is offering new hope to those who have inherited blindness. A new research study shows great promise when retinal and visual functions were restored in mice.

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Becoming Cyber Smart

The info you knowingly or inadvertently share online can be used against you by cyber criminals. CISA is sharing resources to help you stay safe online.

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