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NSA Profiled UMBC as a Center of Academic Excellence for Cybersecurity Research (CAE-R) in a recently published video that showcased UMBC’s commitment to excellence.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at a new cyber threat to our healthcare systems. We also look at new jobs seeking tools on LinkedIn, better accessibility to Twitter’s new voice tweets, and a better way to explore happiness during these trying times. 

Hackers Attacking Healthcare Systems 

As if a pandemic wasn’t bad enough, now healthcare systems have been stressed even more at a cybersecurity level. The FBI has warned that imminent waves of ransomware attacks are likely to hit hospitals.

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New LinkedIn Tools Rolled Out to Help Job Seekers 

Over 250 million jobs could be lost this year, according to Microsoft. LinkedIn is rolling out a new tool called career explorer that shows job seekers how their skills relate to thousands of job titles and what skills they still need to build. Users will be directed to online learning courses to learn new skills. 

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A Better Way to Explore Happiness

As counter intuitive as it might sound, chasing happiness so closely could be making us miserable. Instead of focusing on finding happiness, researchers suggest we turn that focus to relationships, hobbies and goals and happiness becomes a byproduct. 

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Better Accessibility for Twitter Users.

Twitter is rolling out a new tool to add transcriptions on voice tweets. Twitter said it’s working on adding transcriptions to voice tweets in order to make the feature, which it began testing in the summer, more accessible. This comes after many criticized the social media platform for not taking all users’ needs into consideration before the release.

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