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U.S. News and World Report has announced that UMBC is among the list of U.S. institutions in the 2019 Best Global Universities Rankings. UMBC continues to have a strong focus on academic research. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at dedication to learning and how by putting aside an hour a day to learn something new, a person stay professionally relevant. We also look at curing cancer, Apple’s aim towards luxury, higher-end markets, and goal setting.

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One Hour of Learning a Day to Stay Relevant

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Things change like the weather. One day you conduct business a certain way, the next day that way is old news. To stay relevant, researchers suggest putting aside one hour a day to learn something new. Otherwise, you risk falling behind in a world where adaptation and knowledge are paramount.

Curing Cancer – a New Approach

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The management of cancer is advancing, thanks to cancer immunotherapy. Emerging on the scene, cancer immunotherapy is providing transformative outcomes for cancer patients and taking cancer research on a totally new, radical path.

The Luxury of Apple


Apple is no longer focusing its strategic aim on mass market. With a market cap nearing $1 trillion, they’re taking their aim on the luxury, higher-end markets instead. They are focusing on price and profits over volume.

The Danger of Predicting and Unpredictable Future

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Setting goals is one of those activities we do as professionals to keep us on track and working toward something of value. But, living from goal to goal has it issues. Namely, by living life always aimed at a goal, we find ourselves in the predicament of attempting to predict an unpredictable future. We tend to take our eye of the real prize – the enjoyable process.

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